The Nigerian-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI) is the voice of Indonesian businesses in Nigeria. We specialize in the facilitation of business to business opportunities through bilateral cooperation between different countries bringing forth a mutually beneficial relationship and increasing foreign direct investments for both nations. We operate both nationally and internationally, we penetrate cultural borders to create a cross pollination of international business opportunities and investments. The Chamber works closely with the Nigerian and Indonesian trade missions such as the Indonesian Trade Promotions Council (ITPC), international partners and other chambers of commerce to support and connect our members to the best possible business opportunities for their development in Nigeria.

Africa has great business and investment opportunities that remain untapped for the most part due to lack of exposure to the international communities.
The Indonesian-African Forum provides a platform for Nigerian and other African businesses to showcase what they have to offer to the Indonesian business community thereby improving the probabilities of attracting inward cooperation and investments from Indonesia.
The forum will facilitate business matchmaking and there will also be several programs during the forum focusing on reaching out to Africa’s younger generation.

The Nigeria-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to promote and facilitate bilateral business cooperation between Nigerian businesses and policy makers and their Indonesian counterparts in the upcoming Indonesian-African Forum. With this forum, dialogues, political assistance and business investment opportunities will be created between Nigeria and Indonesia as well other African Countries, as such allowing trade partnerships and investments to increase tremendously on our continent.